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January 5th 2017

I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a long while. I’m going to share a mostly unedited piece taken from my actual journal. It was how I used to form all my early blogs before I got fixated on putting together polished pieces that were supposed to mean something (what they meant, I have no clue anymore). So here goes, a real diary of a nervous girl…

So #Project365 is going slower than I had hoped (I haven’t touched my ideas board for the whole first week of 2017). My enthusiasm doesn’t seem to hold for that long right now. There are reasons for this – I’m currently hypermanic and struggling with my anxiety disorder – although neither reason should prevent me if I were truly setting my mind and heart on it. 

The trough is worth it I feel as I’ve been drawn to at least some realisation that I quit far too easily, and I don’t push myself near enough in the right places in my life. I can try harder, I need to, I should want to, I DO want to. 

My life, my illness, it’s a distraction but it shouldn’t be my end. I can be more than the girl who is so afraid of everything she forgets how to live.

Yours sincerely,

Nervous Girl



Hi! My name is Kerry-Mae, and I live near Manchester, UK. I mostly post on my Diary of a Nervous Girl personal blog, although I have another creative blog called Wicked Lovely Creations. Almost everything I post currently is related to a personal journey through mental illness, having lived with severe anxiety disorder from early childhood.

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